2024 Suzuki GSX-S1000GX

Permata55 Suzuki blazoned a new model to its GSX- S1000 lineup, adding a crossover motorcycle that bridges the gap between a sport- tourer and an adventure bike. We preliminarily uncovered substantiation of the bike under its codename GSX- S1000X, and we now know it’ll be retailed as the GSX- S1000GX. And if that name is n’t formerly a bit of a lingo- twister, in theU.S. it ’ll be called the GSX- S1000GX.

The GX way into a gap between the GSX- S1000GT and the V- Strom 1050, offering a superbike- position machine with a lattice with long- trip suspense, advanced ground concurrence, and an upright riding position.

Though it shares important in common with the GT, the GX model takes a significant step forward in the electronics department, thanks to a six- axis IMU from Bosch.
First out is the suspense, which isn’t only longer than on the GT, it’s also electronic. Grounded on the Showa EERA, the GX comes with the Suzuki Advanced Electronic suspense. The system uses data from the IMU and stroke detectors to automatically calculate the optimal damping for both the Showa SFF- CA reversed chopstick and BFRC- lite hinder shock.

The suspense also offers a skyhook- style Suzuki Floating Lift Control system that continuously monitors the distribution of the sprung weight, and adjusts the damping consequently to help keep the GX position over bumpy shells. The GX also incorporates a Suzuki Velocity Dependent Control to acclimate damping according to vehicle haste, plus Suzuki Deceleration Damping Control to reduce forward pitch during retardation.

The GSX- S1000GX offers three lift modes Active, Basic and Comfort. Each is preset with a combination of power affair mode, traction control, and damping control. Riders can also set a custom mode.

Other electronic features include a lift limiter, voyage control, and spare-sensitive traction control. In a first for Suzuki, the GX introduces a roll necklace control system that reduces necklace affair to give the optimal acceleration when leaned over in a corner.

The machine is the same 999cc Inline- Four deduced from the GSX- R that powers the naked GSX- S1000 and the sport- traveling GT model. Suzuki claims a peak affair of 150 hp at 11,000 rpm and78.2 lb-ft. at 9,250 rpm. An help/ slipper clutch andbi-directional quick shift help to make it easier to shift through the six- speed gearbox.

A binary- spar aluminum frame and kiosk subframe combine to balance light weight and enough strength to support a rider and passenger plus the voluntary side cases.
Compared to the GT, the GSX- S1000GX has a wider bar that’s also deposited2.2 elevation near to the rider. With the increased ground concurrence, Suzuki was suitable to move the footpegs down slightly, helping reduce the quantum of knee bend to sit on the defile. All together, the GX should offer a more upright, comfortable riding posture than the GT, but it’s still much more aggressive than the ergonomics on the V- Strom 1050.

Suzuki made several design choices with a focus on perfecting rider and passenger comfort. The frontal donation has a layered design to suppress negative air pressure and reduce head buffeting, and the three- step malleable windscreen further helps to ameliorate comfort.

The rider’s seat is0.6 elevation thicker and flatter than on the GT, with a phased front and a thicker material, furnishing more support while allowing for freedom of movement. The passenger seat is0.4 elevation thicker and1.0 inch wider, for bettered comfort and stability. With its longer suspense, the GSX- S1000GX’s seat is33.3 elevation from the ground,1.4 elevation advanced than the GT.
To soak up climate, the bar has rubber mounts in the top ground and bar classes. Rubber is also used in the footpegs as well as the glass mounts, with the overall end of reducing rider fatigue, especially when traveling long distances.

Other features include a6.5- inch TFT display, smartphone connectivity, a USB charging harborage, and all LED lighting. Suzuki claims a check weight of 511 pounds.

The 2024 Suzuki GSX- S1000GX will be produced in three colors Metallic Triton Blue, Glass Sparkle Black, or Pearl Mat Shadow Green. For theU.S. still, the GSX- S1000GX will only come in the green color. Pricing starts atUS$ 18,499.