5 Bicycle Competitions for the Toughest

We know that the competitions are all challenging, but the ones involving wheels and rims are the best, right? Discover the 5 competitions for the toughest bike lovers out there, as they are on the list of the toughest cycling competitions in the world. In this topic, the difficulty will be your best friend from helmet to wheels.

1. Trans Pyr Ultramarathon, Spain

The Trans Pyr begins on the coast slot paten of the Mediterranean Sea and ends eight days later on the other side of Spain in San Sebastian. The route causes mountain bikers to cycle approximately 820 km along rugged paths along the Pyrenees, climbing vertically a total of 20000 meters. If you feel a little lost with this number, it’s the same as climbing Mount Whitney, California more than four times. Intense, don’t you think?

2. Race Across America, United States of America

This competition has 4830 km total from Oceanside in California to Annapolis in Maryland. Athletes are not required to sleep during the competition, and many of them opt for an average of two hours of sleep per day. Open to amateur and professional riders, in teams of relay up to 8 people, there’s no other competition in the world comparable to this one. The race, has become a global icon, having more than 35 countries represented.

3. La Ruta de los Conquistadores, Costa Rica

Only the best enduro athletes can reach the end of this race. This is one of the most feared and respected, leading athletes to cross the American soil between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Starting and ending at the beach, the course that separates both is very winding, counting on 29000 meters of climbing. bocoran rtp tertinggi This hard route is extended by 5 mountain ranges where the cyclist has to climb a volcano with 3657 meters of altitude, to cross forests, forests and canyons by the river.

4. Tour de France

We couldn’t exclude from this list the tour of France which challenges cyclists to pedal at an average daily speed of over 40 km / h over 21 days. This intensity takes the body of the athletes to the limit. The last rider will have to finish the course within a pre-set time in relation to the winner’s time, otherwise, he won’t be able to continue. Losing the pack for a second can lead to defeat earlier than expected.

5. The Iditarod Invitational, United States of America

The fact that this race takes place at the height of winter in Alaska is the most challenging event of this race. One of the main characteristics of this race is not having a defined course, so athletes can select which path to trace by bike, ski or on foot. The extreme weather conditions make the tracks indistinguishable due to limited visibility. slot tergacor dan anti rungkat The temperatures vary a lot, being several times that they register below 30 degrees. This competition is so hard, that on the official website they report that “it’s not for everyone, because the wrong time and place in the Alaskan wilderness could cost you your toes, feet and even life.”