Regular callers to Visordown will know we’ve run the odd composition shining a ruinous limelight on motorcycles that while Chinese in physical origin, are not exactly coy in hiding their blatant ‘ alleviation ’ of being Japanese or European models.

Shameless- sometimes comical though some are, still, there are a growing number of vastly further satisfying attempts at an original idea, with the new CFMoto 700 CL- X and slew of Italo- Chinese Benelli immolations well entered enough to suggest a prelude of quality ministry being en route.

As it stands, only the biggest names in Chinese motorcycling- CFMoto, Voge( Loncin), Lexmoto and Zontes- have set out along the tropical ‘ silk road ’ to ply their big bike trade in Europe, but there are innumerous others that could one day follow. It makes every new unearthing- at what seems to be a different Chinese motorcycle show every week- commodity to keep an eye on.

For the utmost part the new models are moreover wacky generalities, modest runarounds or shameless ‘ inspired clones ’ but every now and also you get one that piques curiosity enough to shift our opinions.

Introducing the Jedi Vision K750 sportsbike
This is the bold yet ever still blandly named Jedi Vision K750 clearly not the last stopgap for China making it in Europe, but to date arguably one of its stylish.

The company- Jinan jedi to give its full title- has preliminarily concentrated on the no mistrustfulness economic criteria of supplying motorcycles to China’s police and security sector, but it’s now looking to fan out into immolation models to the wider public, with the Vision K750 sportsbike conception its first toe dip into the consumer request.

It’s clearly eye- catching with moulded swoops and reaches, angles and coves giving it a poised figure and a svelte profile that sits just the right side of bulbous. Up front is a frontal- end that appears like a modernised KTM RC 8, a hinder- end that has a hint of Ducati Panigale and a bison hump that we wo n’t lie, looks exacting.

While it’s not entirely egregious whether we ’re looking at a big or a midi sportsbike, given the barranca donation and machine covering reminds us of an EV, it might surprise you that there’s a conventional- and original- unit caching underneath.

We ’ll have to reserve some judgement on the Jedi Vision K750’s energy since the aerodynamics presumably look more satisfying than they’re and the 730cc parallel-binary kicks out a modest 68hp, but it’s hello to see commodity designed from scrape at least.

It’s a conception but the Jedi K750 does n’t appear to be far from a finished interpretation, not that we ’re likely to see it over then anyway. still, it might just come the first Chinese motorcycle we ’ve ever featured on our ‘ models we wish we could buy then ’ listicle.

The Jedi Family
The Vision K750 was n’t the only motorcycle unveiled at the China International Motorcycle Exhibition, with three further practical- yet still handsome- product-ready models taking to the stage.

outgunned by the Jedi GTR750, the GT Tourer takes alleviation from the motorcycles used by the police force, albeit does so with the same machine as the Vision K750, while the Jedi JFR750 made its arc in roadster and speedster form.