THE Harley- Davidson X440 is a single- cylinder entry- position machine, with numerous considering it to fall into the order of an ideal first big motorcycle for newer riders.

And that’s an intriguing point for Harley- Davidson, as its former entry point into H- D power was a thundering V-binary sportfisherman with a capacity of 1,440 cc!

But the new X440 is also intriguing because of how the bike has come about. This is n’t a machine hewn in the blue- collar world of artificial America, it’s creation is the result of a collaboration between Harley- Davidson and some big names in the Asian automotive world. These images are the rearmost, and clearest yet of the new bike, and are thanks to its impending launch into the Indian request, slated for July 4th.

Hard and fast specs on the bike are delicate to come by( officially at least), although the famously dense Indian automotive press has some fairly believable information. The bike does feel to be a single- cylinder configuration and 440cc in capacity. News18 is quoting a power affair of just under 20bhp, and a necklace figure of 27Nm or19.9 lb- ft which for an entry- position single seems to be a little light on grunt- KTM’s 360 single for case produces 43bhp from lower capacity. Away on the bike, full LED lighting looks to be utilised, and the rumours from the Indian press are that Bluetooth connectivity is also included and indeed a TFT gusto.

The new bike is going to be launching into the largely competitive heavyweight naked request in India and has some veritably big and veritably established names to do battle with. Royal Enfield, Honda, Suzuki, TVS, and numerous further all have established a base in the heavyweight sector, although, with a price that’s anticipated to be around ₹ 207,000( around£ 2,000), it’s clearly going to be one of the further cost-effective ways of getting into Harley- Davidson power.

We ’ll be keeping an eye on the H- D India website on the 4th and will bring you all the sanctioned specs as we’ve them.