Looking forward to the Launch of Five New World Brand Bike Frames in 2023

It seems that 2023 will be enlivened with the launch of new bicycles. Not purely new, but an update of an existing version. Because the life cycle of each frame is around 3-5 years. And that time falls in 2023.

Previously, in 2022 there was also something new. Like the revolutionary Trek Madone with that holey seat tube. Then there is the Bianchi Oltre RC which ended up being disowned by the UCI. Scott has also launched his newest Foil.

So, what’s coming up this year? Some of them already have “leaks” on social media.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Surely the launching of this bicycle brand from the United States will not be long in coming. Since there have been many photos circulating, the New SuperSix Evo is being ridden by a racer from the EF Education-EasyPost WorldTour team.

SuperSix Evo itself has undergone an upgrade in 2019. So this year is the fourth year of its release. It’s time to be rejuvenated.

In the circulating photo, it can be seen that many sides have been touched to prioritize aerodynamics. The seat tube also looks aggressive in adjusting the seatpost. Meanwhile, the seatstays are made more reclining to make it more comfortable.

The front is made simpler and the wheel space has been enlarged to accommodate fatter tires. The bottom bracket no longer uses the PressFit system but has changed to BSA threads.

 Specialized Tarmac SL8

Specialized’s mainstay, the Tarmac SL7 is currently entering its third year of distribution. So it is very likely that the bicycle manufacturer from Morgan Hill, California, United States will get a frame update.

Tarmac SL7 is an all rounder bike. A fusion of the Tarmac SL6 with the aero bike, the Specialized Venge. After that the Venge was no longer produced. Even so, the Tarmac SL7 is not as light as the Tarmac SL6 and not as aerodynamic as the Specialized Venge.

We are all waiting for the shape of the Tarmac SL8, the next generation of the Tarmac SL7. Will it be lighter? Speaking of lightweight, Specialized already has an Aethos variant which is a lightweight bike.

The Tarmac SL7 is not alone, the Roubaix distribution period has also entered its third year. Will Specialized launch updates of these two variants this year of the rabbit?

Canyon Aeroad

Canyon Aeroad has entered its fourth year of distribution now. Last year, the German manufacturer, which implements a direct-to-customer business model, has upgraded the Ultimate and Endurace variants.

So there’s only Aeroad that hasn’t been updated yet. Moreover, Mathieu van der Poel has driven the new Aeroad last December.

If you look at the photos circulating, the shape is still similar to the old Aeroad. There are only updates on the head tube and seat tube. Apparently, to accommodate the use of wider tires.

Trek Émonda

In the near future, Trek Emoda will enter a three-year distribution period. Meanwhile, the Trek Madone has undergone a revolutionary update with the IsoZone seat tube.

The endurance bike variant, Trek Domane has also been updated. With a lighter frame weight and more aerodynamic.

Meanwhile, the last Emonda Track underwent an update in 2020. It is very likely that the new Emonda will be made lighter. Because the currently circulating Emonda frame weighs 698 grams for a size of 56 cm. It is 38 grams heavier than its competitors.

Also, it’s hoped that the new Trek Emonda is more about comfort. Because the currently circulating Emonda is stiffer.

Giant TCR

The largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, Giant has updated the aero bike variant. The new Giant Propel is made lighter and more comfortable. As well as improving the aerodynamics.

This makes many bicycle observers confused. What will happen to the Giant TCR variant, which is an all-rounder bike?

The advantage of the TCR is only slightly lighter than the Propel. Also slightly wider legs to accommodate big tires. The rest of the Propel is superior.

If Giant wants to update the TCR, it expects a lighter weight. In order to have a far superiority compared to Propel.

Also, Giant’s engineers should be able to make the new TCR even more comfortable. Even though the TCR currently in circulation is very comfortable.