Mastermind Builds Custom Bike with Square Wheel Using Discarded Bike Onderdil


Formerly, mastermind and content creator Sergii Gordieiev splits the reverse wheel of his former bike design in half to produce a one- of-a-kind, completely functional lift. Now, he chucks away the round- shaped tires of a usual bike and opts for forecourt- framed bus in what he calls one of the craziest systems he and his platoon have ever erected. utmost of the accoutrements the platoon recycles are from discarded corridor of other bikes in their factory.

From hence, vacillation might dawn on the bystander. Would the bike work with the mammoth- looking square bus? For Gordieiev, and knowing that he’s formerly made the cut- in- half wheel work, the answer is a solid yes. In a videotape rally he released on April 9th, 2023, Gordieiev unravels to the public how he managed to bring out the magic in a brace of square bus for his custom bike.


Sergii Gordieiev starts by creating the frame for the square bus. He grabs a arbor of what might be sword and cuts it into portions. He welds them together to form a square shape, always investing his perfection as he completely sizes up the divisions and placement of the screws( after all, he’s an mastermind). When he’s through with the frames, he begins drilling holes in the frame to fit the rods that will anchor the bike’s chain ring.

As soon as Gordieiev inserts the rods in their devoted holes, he attaches the chainrings that allow the bike’s square bus to serve well. He adds rollable bus between the chainrings to enable the chain to rotate with ease. On the surface of the bus, he sprawls blockish chains wrapped in tire rubber from a discarded bike sitting in the design platoon’s factory. Once he screws in the final traces, Gordieiev makes final tests by wheeling in the fruit of his labor and attaching the square bus onto his custom bike.


Gordieiev goes out of his factory and into the demesne to try out his completely functional, custom-made bike with square bus. As seen in the videotape, the bike can ride the pavement as it easily bus into the asphalt path. The nonstop droning sound that the mastermind’s medium makes may recall plant product on full blast. Glazing at the bike, the total cargo might be a bit big considering the sword used in the square bus ’ frame, but the featherlight- looking body of the bike may spike it down to a notch.

‘ Please meet nearly normal bike but with one revision – square bus! This conception is completely working and you can ride and make turns. Lots of attention guaranteed, ’ says Gordieiev and his platoon in the videotape rally. By the aesthetics of it, not only will the custom bike with square bus bait in attention, but impel the bystanders to hop on it and ride down( if they manage to get on the spot first in the ocean of clamoring suckers).