New Interdicted Druid gets reversed Horst- link high pivot and tweaked figure

Interdicted has launched the Druid V2, a new interpretation of its 130mm- trip, high- pivot trail bike.

The original interdicted Druid was launched in 2019 and while the new bike has experienced a fair many changes, interdicted says the V2 is a case of “ elaboration not revolution ”.

The Druid V2 has a new frame, with tweaked figure and suspense kinematics.

The Trifecta suspense, although now using an ‘ upside down ’ Horst- link design, and One Lift sizing have been carried over from the former model.

Just like its precursor, the new interdicted Druid frame is compatible with 29in bus and can also be set up as a mullet bike.

It has 130 mm of hinder- suspense trip and is designed to run a 150 mm suspense chopstick.

The Druid V2 is available in four sizes( S1- S4), all of which point interdicted’s One Lift size-specific figure.

What’s new?

The interdicted Druid’s frame has been redesigned and while it still looks a lot like the former Druid, small tweaks to the front and hinder triangle have streamlined its figure.

The frame tackle has been streamlined with continuity in mind and now features locking collet axles and large comportments.

Full- length chainstay protection comes as standard.

The loafer system has also been redesigned. The 18- tooth sword loafer sprocket features a refined tooth profile to increase life and boost performance with the rearmost mountain bike drivetrains. The system uses a standard chain length( 126 links or lower) and is optimised for 52 mm and 55 mm chain lines.

All four sizes of the Druid V2 can accommodate a 750 ml water bottle.

The new trail bike is compatible with a SRAM UDH powerhouse. This means it can be fitted with SRAM’s direct- mount Eagle Transmission.

Triad suspense

The Druid V2’s high- pivot suspense system has been caught, now using a Horst- link design rather than a single pivot, as its precursor and the longer- trip interdicted Dreadnought do.

By switching to this design, and shifting the loafer wheel, interdicted says it has been suitable to remove the lower chain companion thanks to increased chain serape around the chainring.

The high- pivot design is said to give the Druid a 100 per cent interior axle path, enabling the hinder wheel to absorb impacts from the trail without immolating forward instigation.

As the hinder axle moves backwards in condensing, the hinder centre of the bike also grows, which should make the Druid feel more stable under heavy impacts.

interdicted says it uses the Druid’s Rate Control relation to knitter the Trifecta suspense further. It claims to have achieved supple small- bump performance with a probativemid-stroke and a progressive bottom- eschewal.

The end of all this is to produce a “ trail bike that punches way above bikes with further( trip) ”.

One Lift figure

One Lift encapsulates interdicted’s end to deliver a harmonious lift feel across all its sizes.

By having size-specific front and reverse centres, the rider’s weight distribution is identical across sizes, meaning riders of all heights will profit from the same running and performance.

The Druid V2’s chainstays grow from 423 to 466 mm through the size range. The effective seat tube angle remains harmonious too, icing high riders also profit from a comfortable pedalling position.

Compared to the original Druid, the head angle has been slackened by half a degree( 29in configuration). The hinder centre has also grown vastly on all sizes, from 438 mm to 452 mm in size S3, and the reach has been stretched by 15 mm across the range.