Outcast Motorcycle gang shooting Georgia prosecutors charge 16 bikers in violent turf war

Sixteen alleged members of the Outcast Motorcycle Club in Georgia have been criminated in what prosecutors are calling the largest biker gang bust in state history in connection with a turf war in which they’re indicted of surveilling, shooting and stealing rival associations.

Among dozens of charges in the 45 count charge, the rejects are indicted of girding a motel where members of the Chosen Many gang had gathered on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill on June 17, 2022, 22 long hauls southwest of Savannah.

The rejects are indicted of tracking and bogarting Chosen Many members for months – defying them and advising them to stay out of their home leading up to the firing at a crowded motel, according to the charge.

In September 2021, a group of rejects allegedly chased a Chosen Many member through three counties before they caught up with him and beat him with chains, the charge reads.

In April 2022, a group of rejects allegedly crashed a meeting of the Southeastern Georgia Motorcycle Club Association and” asserted their dominance of the southeast Georgia home.”

Leading up to the June 2022 shootout, chapter President Melaun” Do Wurk” Aiken allegedly tagged a group of eight Chosen Many members who ultimately stopped at a eatery called Flaco’s Tacos on Highway 17.

The Chosen Many members went to the near Red Roof Auberge, where he allegedly called fellow rejects to encircle the structure and hold up the rivals at gunpoint.

The rejects allegedly ordered the Chosen Many to hand over their vests. Gunfire erupted according to court documents, although it’s unclear the extent of the damage or injuries. The rejects also brought an unidentified person to the sanitarium.

Prosecutors said the firing put multitudinous onlookers in peril in a parking lot participated with McDonald’s and Arby’s cafes, a gas station and other businesses.

Prosecutors described the Outcast and the Chosen Many gangs as” 1- percenter” or” outlaw motorcycle gangs” – which the FBI says” are associations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for felonious enterprises.”

The Southeast Georgia Chapter of the Outcast Motorcycle gang is suspected of running a felonious conglomerate encompassing Bryan, Chatham, Crisp, Douglas, Glynn, Liberty, McIntosh and Richmond counties in Georgia; Colleton County in South Carolina– and indeed reaching Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

State, original and civil law enforcement took part in a 13- month disquisition into the group, seizing$ 180,000 in cash, 71 munitions, two motorcycles and two buses – and leading to the May 31 charge, prosecutors said.

” The thing is to not only deal a chastising blow to felonious gang exertion in this region, but also to eventually strike the gang itself,” Richmond Hill Police Chief Mitch Shores said in a statement.

Prosecutors linked the suspects as Aiken, 46, the chapter chairman; Eddie” Stash” Latson, 43, the vice chairman; Lee” Trench” operative, 58, the chapter clerk; Donovan” Sockit” Scott, 35, the sergeant- at- arms; Joseph” Axel” Leeks, 44, a captain; Labarron” Bootleg” Pollock, 48, a former vice chairman; Michael” hash” Randolph, 43, the group’s business director; members Taurus Simmons, 42; Terrance Parker, 44; Marquis Jones, 34; Shron Gilbert, 51; Theron Singleton, 57; Jemar Mack, 34; and associates Demon Thompson, 45; Paul Gosden, 52 and Whitney Hooks, 36.

Allegations against the group include 21 counts of violating Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, 11 counts of irritated assault, seven counts of fortified thievery and multitudinous conspiracy charges.

The gang’s Augusta chapter is suspected in a recent firing there with a rival Daytona, Florida- grounded gang, Thugg Riders, that left two people dead and four injured.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office linked the departed victims there as 51- time-old Germayne Farrell, of Daytona, and 30- time-old Keith Coates, of Valdosta, Georgia. Four others who survived their injuries including three Thugg Riders and another Outcast member, according to the sheriff.

At least 12 people were arrested in that shootout.

The May 13 incident, according to Sheriff Richard Roundtree, is believed to have been retribution for a previous altercation between the gangs in Florida.

” This was a targeted attack,” he told journalists.” You are talking about traveling three, four hours to come to Augusta, fortified, to engage in gun violence.”