Sepang MotoGP Test Enea Bastianini New bike ‘ fast but delicate to bring the speed, not confident ’

Enea Bastianini says he’s lacking confidence with the reverse of the 2023 Ducati bike, despite being quick on both days of the Sepang MotoGP Test.

After finishing third quickest on Friday, Bastianini had to settle for ninth place during the penultimate day of MotoGP testing at the Malaysian circuit, although only a tenth separated the Italian from teammate Francesco Bagnaia.

Another rider running the Desmosedici GP23 machine is Jorge Martin, who replicated his 1m58.7 s time from Friday to finish fastest as Ducati formerly again appear to have the strongest package.

While day two was largely impacted by poor rainfall, Bastianini felt strong as advancements were made especially in wet conditions.

Bastianini said” My day wasn’t bad. At the launch with the dry conditions it was so- so. We tried to do numerous stages with the used tyre but I wasn’t really presto.

” For hereafter we’ve to work in this area. In the autumn with the rain we’ve made a good step, especially with the machine.

” It wasn’t really direct. For hereafter this can help me to be more fast and save a little bit more the tyre.

” The feeling was really good with the new bike. I was presto veritably early compared to usual. I suppose with the 2021 bike it’s presumably more in this area. Also, I made a good step mentally and it’s okay like in dry condition( laughs). I pushed to close the gap.”

After Martin and Bagnaia both verified that the new bike and machine is hastily- was also stressed in the top speed maps than the former model, Bastianini was coming to maximum analogous words although the new plant Ducati rider lamented a lack of confidence with the reverse, which is one of the reasons he set up it delicate ‘ to bring the speed ’ on corner entry.

” Yeah, the new bike is presto,” added Bastianini.” But for me, at the moment it’s delicate to bring the speed and to exit presto from the corner because I ’m not really confident with the reverse, with the new bike.

” The strongest point of this bike is a bit different and I’ve to change my style.

” It’s delicate to explain but I ca n’t enter the corner like with my old one( bike), I’ve to enter a bit more slow and to use further the acceleration. Also, the outside( spare) angle at the moment isn’t correct.”