THE ADVENTURE BIKE diapason is expanding far and wide, with further brands jumping into the fray, and powerplants ranging from 300 to 1,300cc.However, you ’re presumably considering all the usual factors, like cost, If you ’re in the request. occasionally the protrusive studies win however, and eyeless to reason, we shell out for pure aesthetics.

In the ADV world, the most aggressive- looking bike is infrequently the most ridden, but every forum has a idol, and there’s always an exception to the rule. Throwing all the usual criteria to the wind, we asked the question; what are the best- looking adventure motorcycles on the request right now?

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Rally Edition The Ténéré 700 debuted in theU.S. in 2019 and incontinently established itself as a serious contender in the heavyweight ADV request. It’s featherlight at 452 pounds, has excellent gemstone- reining suspense and its 689 cc liquid- cooled resemblant twin( lifted from the old FZ- 07) provides dependable performance to the tune of 72 hp.

What the Yamaha Ténéré 700 does n’t have, is utmost of the other effects we ’re used to seeing in the ADV member. You get commutable ABS, but there’s no traction control, no voyage control, rider modes, integrated GPS,etc.

In an age where spec wastes are generally dominated by computers, spare detectors and color hand displays, the Ténéré 700 is a breath of fresh air. Its approach is minimalistic with standard dirt- bike figure boasting nearly9.5 ” of ground concurrence, a 21F/ 18R wheel quintet and stand- up ergonomics. Sprinkle in a larger4.2- gallon energy tank, a meaty descent plate, binary frontal discs and a slim frame- mounted donation, and the Ténéré has just enough capability for long- haul riding across any terrain.

Finished in Yamaha’s classic white- and-red speedblock outfit and gold bus, the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition is an eye- catching homage to Yamaha’s Dakar history. The Rally Edition will set you back about$ 14,534 — an redundant$ 1,500 ish bones over the standard Ténéré.

Husquvarna Norden 901 Edgy angles and pointed lines are common in the adventure member, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of the classic arbor- side aesthetic. Grounded on KTM’s proven 890 mechanics, Husqvarna’s Norden 901 is a slightly more refined everyday adventure machine with text Husky character.

The maturity of the Norden’s nuts and bolts come from the KTM 890 Adventure, including the chromoly kiosk frame, Bosch EMS and 103 hp, 889 cc resemblant-binary as a stressed-out member. suspense is a bit of a contention point, as both the KTM and the Norden 901 passage model are upgraded with WP XPLOR suspense systems, while the standard 901 sticks with WP APEX.

With both bikes situated at the check, I ’m giving the Norden the edge in appearance however. Nothing against Team Orange, but I like that Husky gets down from KTM’s sharp- cut angular bodywork and extraterrestrial headlight, in favor of flat arbor sides, a low front cushion and a high- mounted indirect headlight.

Finished off with a massive descent plate, bepainted windshield and an eye- catching lime over slate finish, the standard Norden 901 is rugged and functional, with capability to back it up. Its$ 14,499 MSRP is also relatively competitive in the member.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports There are many aesthetics more synonymous with rally excellence than the pairing of Honda’s HRC colors, gold loops and the Africa Twin script. Made notorious in the late ’80s on the XRV650, the scheme continues to represent out- roady touring capability for Team Red on the 1,100 cc Africa Twin.

True to Honda form, the Africa Twin occupies a unique niche in the ADV request. Its 101 hp, 1,084 cc resemblant twin isn’t particularly important in the over 1,000 cc class, and its 529- pound check weight is heavier than numerous of its middleweight peers. But Honda’s noway one to scrimp on quality, and recent advancements have taken the Africa Twin’s tech savviness and dirt capability up a notch.

The new Africa Twin has an active Showa suspense system integrated into the riding modes, returning9.1 ” of trip up front and8.1 ” in the reverse. The bike has also lost 10 pounds thanks to a new aluminum subframe, and the voluntary Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission provides selectable stirring and terrain modes if that’s your kind of thing.

But hey, we ’re then for aesthetics, and Honda’s frame- mounted donation is sharp and purpose- erected, without being too cutter- edged and angley. Across the different Africa Twin trims, the Pearl White Adventure Sports model is a knockout. It comes equipped with a high windshield and a larger6.5- gallon energy tank, not to mention the classic HRC colors and gold bus. The Adventure Sports model will set you back an redundant$ 2,800 over the standard Twin, at$ 17,299.