The Yamaha YZF- R9 Just Came A Reality, But There is A Catch

Ever since Yamaha pulled the draw on the YZF- R6, there’s been a peering hole in its YZF lineup. Yes, we know the R7 did some damage control, but it sits awfully close to the 42- HP R3 and a bit too far from the 200- HP R1. It’s safe to say the bikemaker needs another sport bike, and there are several sanctioned forms to confirm a YZF- R9 is well in the workshop.

Team Blue, still, has been tight- lipped on the matter for a couple of times. This is no short of a tolerance test for bones-hard Yamaha suckers, and one similar addict has said enough is enough. Named Seb Hipperson, theex-racer has taken matters into his own hands and brought the YZF- R9 to reality. It might not come from a Japanese plant, but the bike will clearly leave a lasting print on you.

The Custom Yamaha R9 Takes Inspiration From Retro Race Bikes

Hipperson is a full- time liar by profession, but a custom bikemaker and racer by passion. So he made sure to put all his literacy into this design by whipping up an R9 that’s no short of a full- fledged race bike. Part of the design influence comes from old- academy Yamaha race bikes like the TZ250 and the YZR500, while other aspects are inspired by none other than ultramodern- day Moto2 racers.

Since that’s an unheard combination, Seb has handcrafted all the bodywork( gifts, belly visage, cushion, tail) from fiberglass. The tank follows the same approach, but with a two- piece construction; a fiberglass air box cover sits up top, followed by an aluminum energy cell. All this is outgunned by a scintillating white-red outfit, complete with Yamaha’s speed- block plates on the sides.

What elevates the entire experience is the affable attention to detail. For case, the tank has a see- through tear for you to check the energy position, while the air box cover has a muscle- auto- suchlike articulation on top. The white bus and blockish input at the front are ten on ten in our books too.

The Custom Yamaha R9 Has Loads Of High- Shelf Components

Peak under the bodywork and effects only get better, thanks to the high- quality underpinnings. The centerpiece is a custom sword kiosk lattice, erected by blending a 1996 Yamaha TRX850 cradle along with two other frames. Completing this is a Ducati 749- espoused swingarm and a hinder shock relation from Corse Dynamics.

What about suspense? Well, the downside-down spoons you see then come from a Ducati Panigale but have upgraded Bitubo internals. Whereas, the monoshock is a custom unit from Mupo Racing in Italy. You should also know the five- spoke bus come directly from the iconic Aprilia RSV Mille and house Brembo thickets for utmost stopping prowess. The same high- quality treatment trickles down to the ergonomics, as you get low clip- on bars, a new triadic- tree, and custom reverse set pegs. All this while, you sit on a suede leather defile.

The Custom Yamaha R9 Packs A Punch

Next, let’s talk performance. The custom R9 borrows its hustler from an MT- 09, just as the plant- erected sport bike would. It’s an inline- triadic 890cc hustler( with across-plane crankshaft) that produces 118 power and68.6 pound- bases in stock trim. Then, still, the affair should be vastly further.

That’s because the custom R9 flaunts Lextek heads and an Arrow muffler, along with a flashed ECU. The airbox itself is custom too, so you have further tailwind to the shop. We anticipate the final figure to be around the 125 power mark – a serious number considering there are no electronic rider aids at your mercy. These upgrades also make the R9 illegal for road riding, so Seb has saved weight by limiting the lights to just one( an LED tail beacon).